Asus G751 yellow tint

I got the Asus G751 and it had a yellow color all over
when I did play a game.

First I thought the screen was defective – faulty.

And i had to google it and I did find many that did talk about this:

But I did notices that the yellow color was not there when I did not play.

So I did uninstall the Asus G751 software that did effect the graphics and that did removes it, even I had to turn the brightness / gamma up ingame.

Had my thought about the battery, but it seems to work fine, even I always remove the battery, the Asus G751 don’t allow that, so why not let it come on a test – I know many will rage if the G751 battery in any way compromise the laptop in anyway !

I most admit, I do love the laptop. It works like a charm.

I had to make create a instill dvd form
just incause, even I have not found the windows key yet.

I have ordered a 32 gb usb key for the Asus backtracker

And I did download all the drivers form Asus website

Only “big” issue is when I have steam running, explore will not open webpages and in games I cant use auction house. I quite steam all works just fine.
And I have hit the steam hot key instead of the esc key, many times but I think in time that will workout or I have to use a keybind to solve it, if possible.

Other then that, the laptop gets a 9/10 form here !